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Toastmaster Training:


Welcome to Toastmaster Training, we provide professional training courses for Toastmasters and Master of Ceremonies. 


We have two training courses available to suit your personal requirements, a 3 Day Residential course or a 1 day course. 



  • 3 Day residential course.

This is held at Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire and based on a ‘one to one’ programme from 8.00 am - 8.00 pm Thursday & Friday plus observation on Saturday.


3 day courses students will learn all there is to know about a new toastmaster career; every conceivable type of function they will be expected to cover.  


Course Fees

  • £1750.00 Residential

  • £1500.00 Non Residential inclusive. 

3 day courses are run throughout the year – when mutually suitable


The Training on this course is recognized by The Executive Guild of Toastmasters and as such, after completion, it will enable you to apply for membership to them or indeed to any other organisations such as The National Association of Toastmasters or the Society of London Toastmasters - their entry examinations will apply.



  •  1 Day course

The 1 day course is specifically designed for students who only want to officiate at Weddings and Masonic Ladies Festivals This course is ‘one to one’ 9.00 am – 6.00 pm and is non-residential, but accommodation may be necessary for some trainees who have to travel long distances.


Course Fee £500.00 Inclusive 


1 day courses are run throughout the year – when mutually suitable


Please note: After your one day training you will NOT be sufficiently trained in all toastmaster aspects to apply for full membership with a Toastmaster Guild, Association or other organisation including the above organisations.  



On Both courses provide advice on how to run your own business and the challenges this entails, together with information on advertising costs, where to advertise, how much to budget and the importance of measuring success.  Text books and training manuals are provided to students 




The training is conducted by Fellow Peter York and Fellow Eric Gill, and other specialist Toastmasters when required. 


After your initial enquiry, an interview will arranged to answer all your questions and explain how the course will be run. 


The British Toastmaster Today           By W. (Bill) Fuller

About Us – The Tutors                         The two main Tutors

Who should apply                                Are you suited for the role?

The Course Structure                          More info about the course

Toastmaster History                            How it all began

Toastmaster Clothing                          Information about the Uniform

Some of the Venues you will attend   A few hotels to look at


If you would like to be a Toastmaster, and be enrolled as a member of the Guild, we would be delighted  speak to you.  Go to the contacts page. 


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